About Blue5Soft

Who we are?

Hello, I am Jorge A. Canales Bruno, a Civil Engineer who has always been passionate about the world of software for engineering.

I started my professional activity designing structures, then I started to review the suitability of structural projects of other engineers and a good day, I could begin working the world of software for engineering.

Like almost all specialists in structures, I created my own library of applications and spreadsheets to perform my professional activities. But that was not enough and one day, motivated to do a different software, I began to develop the first steps of the software you will find at this site.
Software grew up and today, it is through this project I have named Blue5Soft, by which I want to share these applications developed with great care and dedication.

I think the engineering software must be intuitive, simple to use, modern, for everybody, have a fair price and above all, be truly useful.

None of this would have been possible without the support of my wonderful family, victims of my absences and who have taken them infinite time to be together.

Welcome to Blue5Soft, a project, a dream, a team made up of people like you and me.

Our values

The basics of developments

This project’s supports are:

Confidence: the basis of all relationships. The software must transmit sureness to the user.
Reliability: the accuracy of the results is an inexcusable requirement.
Communication: the nearness to the user is vital for us. User cannot feel alone and unprotected.
Passion: all we do has a lot of passion, the ingredient that ensures the goodness of the product.
Innovation: we want our products stand out by creating new solutions for structural design software.
Simplicity: the software must be designed to be used by all intuitively, immediately and safely.

Our vision

Where are we going….

Our main goal is to be used by everyone who needs to find a solution in the software.

We want to be a symbol of trust, confidence and compromise. We know that if things are well done, they go far away and that’s where our goal is.

We hope to be used around the worldwide since our software is based on greater internationalization and configuration possible.

We want to be an efficient, productive and dynamic team.

Our mission

So …. what do we do ?

Enjoy working …. yes, it is. If we enjoy, we are productive, we create, feel and give value to our software.

We make software with quality, different, innovative, powerful, intuitive, simple and unique.

The pleasant experience to satisfy the user and get him to trust us drives us to improve. The road is made by you and Blue5Soft.

We generate knowledge and results. Our software has reputation and acceptance in the professional and academic world, that is an achievement !