Our software is reliable, useful for structural engineers, professors and students. They are noted for their usability and capability, being true productivity tools. It is possible to set: design code, drawing layers, text styles for drawings and reports, language, units and precisions.
Generated drawings and reports, make our applications excellent for all kinds of technical users.


Hollow structural section joints

Design of circular, square and rectangular hollow section joints.

Contains a large number of Design Codes of different countries (Eurocode, AISC, etc.), thousands of profiles of worldwide profile manufacturers with their corresponding steels and type of fabrication.
Generates detailed construction drawings and analysis reports for an excellent structural design project.


Analysis of reinforced concrete sections

Design of reinforced concrete sections with any shape and any reinforcement layout under biaxial bending.

Includes Eurocode, ACI and different concrete design codes. Determinates collapse stages under different assumptions for axial and bending moments and also calculates the strength interaction volume, M-K, M-N y Myy-Mzz diagrams. Performs accurate analysis and a great number of load combinations are processed within a very short period of time.
Includes materials from the Design Codes and the user is able to use custom materials.


Analysis of I-H shaped profiles under fire situation

Heating evolution analysis of I-H shaped steel profiles under fire situation (protected and unprotected profiles).

Allows to use typical and user defined fire protections. The user sets the sides which are exposed to fire.
Includes a large number of I-H shaped sections from various countries.

Completely FREE forever (no license required)